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Attendance & Leave Management

Facial Recognition with AI-based Human Detection

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Overtime Management

Extra hours should not turn into extra confusion

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Payroll Management

Payroll Management Process swiftly with accuracy even in offline mode

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Shift & ROTA Management

Shifts, Schedules and time-sheets - uncomplicate the process

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Onboarding & Exit

Their journey moving in & out of your company- should be a smooth road

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Contractual Management

Tie everything together, make your contracts powerful

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Field force Management

Scattered or Distributed - there's a big difference

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Lead Management System (LMS)

Skip the distance from May-be to Sure-shot Sales!

Spot, Fine-tune, Attract and Engage Prospects with precision and confidence. Turn them into Customers. Capture and Preserve Leads - The Smart and Spot-on way.

  • Use of automation and AI for lead identification and potential-mapping
  • Accelerate conversion with intelligent and personalised communication
  • Data-driven scoring, targeting and communication
  • Smart and precision-led CRM for every lead
  • Ability to sell to the exact context a prospect is in- through real-time analytics
  • Cover multiple phases and touch-points without gaps or friction
  • Qualify, nurture and deepen relationships beyond transactions- extend .....lifecycle value

Footfall Management

Change footfalls into footprints

Stop missing out on rich possibilities and sales opportunities stepping in all around you. Be alerted about, identify and navigate footfalls in a way that they step out as happy customers.

  • Smart footfall capture and visualisation - Cameras, Bio-metrics and facial- .....recognition
  • High visibility of footfalls at retail outlets, cinemas, stores and malls
  • Quick and rich dashboards with store-wise or segment-wise filters
  • Data-driven tally, tracking, communication and sales support
  • Analytics for perfect insights to sales staff to approach footfalls the smart way
  • Non-intrusive, yet, incisive profiling of footfalls
  • Intelligence and Automation that help with conversion and up-selling

Ticketing Management

Respond fast. Respond right. Respond towards delight

You cannot afford gaps, mistakes, delays and friction while resolving customer support tickets. Fix them quickly while addressing issues with the power of right data. Turn complaints and requests into memorable experiences for your employees and customers.

  • A robust software to create, organise and prioritise tickets
  • Well-timed insights to help support-staff to resolve issues completely
  • Quick path from receipt of issue at a help desk, to a unique ticket, and alerts to the right team
  • Choice of both manual and automated ways for entire ticket assignment
  • Real-time analytics for addressing the exact pain-point
  • Ability to approach customers with complete information
  • Saving precious time for both support staff and ticket-raisers
  • Potential for up-selling and cross-selling and minimising drop-outs
  • Improvement in overall employee/customer experiences and loyalty

Canteen Management

Instant. Well-baked. Easy-to-digest. Canteen Data

Make your cafeteria smooth, well-oiled and swift. Empower your canteen-staff to smoothly create and serve delights that refuel your employees, customers and visitors. Use the right cake-mix of technology.

  • A sleek user interface to seamlessly handle inventory, customers, and orders
  • A smart app for people to track purchases, check the menu, and place orders
  • A hassle-free experience for everyone- backed by data at the back-end
  • Quick and easy for both canteen workers and customers
  • Accessible from any device with an internet connection
  • No delays between the cup and the lip- thanks to smart tech

Maximize productivity and minimize errors with our contractual workforce attendance management.

Streamline Attendance Management for Your Contractual Workforce with our simplified solution.

Avoid proxy punching and Incorrect Clock-ins

Face recognition-based attendance system

GPS Geofenced based Time and Attendance tracking

Automate Overtime and Shift Roster

Payroll-ready Reports

Splash some intelligence - and unlock a new experience

Crafted with the power of AI and the expertise of enterprise IT- We are here to stretch your limits

  • AI-powered and Mobile-First
  • Easily compatible, customisable and composable
  • Ready to power a hybrid workplace

Easy To Customize

Presence360 adapts itself to your scale, gaps, needs and people. It morphs beautifully around your processes and takes you ahead.

Not too many nuts and bolts. Just hit the button and get going….

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A full basket

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