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Alone we can do so little together we can do so much better

Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success." – Henry Ford

Presence360 was born in a small conference room. One fine day, a simple discussion amongst some employees turned out to be a game-changer. It was a discussion on how there should be a platform that can simplify daily attendance, leave requests & approvals; customised payrolls and more- but these looked fragmented and far-off from actual thoughts.

That’s when a few amongst them rolled up their sleeves and said- let’s make it ourselves.

Come to our world - it's always full of the ‘next’, the ‘surprise’, the ‘innovation’.

So after 6 years of extreme innovation, hard work and passion to build a complete, and intuitive, People Solution, our team came out with Presence360.

It’s something that no one had before. It’s smart yet simple.

A masterpiece, thus, was born to life- and as it grows bigger and better- our team is always busy with new ideas, possibilities, and impactful work.

Why Trust us
Reliable, Stable and Always there

Trust comes from experience. Trust is built after proof. Trust emerges from reliability. That’s exactly why here, at Presence360, Trust is backed by technical assurances. Privacy and Security are not afterthoughts for us, but a fore thought, a non-negotiable imperative – always in the high priority bucket. We value our users and their trust in us; therefore we take utmost care to deliver.

Your data is safe with us, it is encrypted in our data centres. We follow all compliances, are validated with the top-most industry standard certifications that make us totally reliable. Our platform gives you 99.9% accurate results and analytics. We work round the clock to provide you with perfect customer support. So that when you trust us, you know you can really trust us.

ISO 27001

This ultimate badge of information security rigour - which is acknowledged throughout the world - says a lot about the detail and meticulousness we work with.

ISO 9000

Any robust Quality Management System worth its salt must tick this highly exacting box - and a global standard. It corroborates how solid and reliable our specific processes, procedures, and activities are.


When a CERT Empanelled Security Auditor awards the CERT-IN certification that's the biggest assurance that all our network elements are intact, well-oiled, and worth counting upon.


The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) standard underlines how robust, secure and strong we make our applications to be. All flaws checked. All cracks fixed. Done and Bolted.


The CMMI LEVEL 3 Certificate is the best inch-tape to tell how thorough, detailed, excellent and process-oriented our processes and services are.


CWE™ is a community-developed list of software and hardware weakness ypes. With this certification, we have checked the blacklist of weaknesses well with our mitigation, and prevention efforts


Yes, we also have the IoT Security Global Standard. Puts a lot of weight behind these words- We know how to do IoT


All kinds of risks and levels of vulnerabilities have been assessed well with the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) technique

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